Design Your Own Home

DYOH Instructional Tour

Welcome - Chapter 1

Design Your Own Home is a tool that allows you to select from among a popular set of options for a number of Toll Brothers' model homes and preview them right on your computer screen. As you select options from the menu on the left, the floor plan of the model home, to the right, will change to reflect your selection. You can then preview the floor plans in a variety of zoom settings or print them out. Also included are a collection of photos for each model.

The options included in Design Your Own Home are not exhaustive. Please contact your sales manager for a complete list of options.

Fig. 1. The blue text in the buttons on the left side indicate which options are active. The floor plan for the model appears on the right.

Interface Overview - Chapter 2

The interface for Design your Own Home is organized into three key components: The Controller, The Floor Plans Window, and The Tool Bar.

The Controller
Menu buttons in the Controller are organized into two or more "folders" based on the number of floors the home has. Clicking on the First Floor or Second Floor activates the corresponding menu.

When you select a different floor, the floor plan changes to reflect your selection. The thin line between the controller and the floor plan window acts as a quick link to cycle through all of the floors.

The Floor Plans Window
The floor plans window consist of a blue window which houses the floor plan drawings

The Tool Bar
The Tool bar includes the general-task buttons. The 'Open' button will take you to a list of versions of a specific model that you have previously saved. The 'Save' button allows you to save as many option combinations as you want to the server and retrieve them later. If you are not currently logged in, selecting either of these options will prompt you to sign-in or create a free account (Email address and password creation are all that is required for an account). The 'Zoom' buttons allow you to take a closer look at an option or section of the floor plan. The 'Fit' button scales the floor plan as large as possible without hiding any added options. It is useful when you want to see the whole floor plan again after zooming up to an option. The 'Flip' buttons allow you to turn the floor plan either horizontally or vertically. The 'Print' button opens a print dialogue box. The 'Help' button opens an instructional overlay screen, which links back to this tour if you need more a more-detailed 'how-to'.

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Choosing Options - Chapter 3

The Controller's Floor folders contain buttons for selecting each option. When you start up Design Your Own Home all options are off, indicated by the unselected check-box.

When you select and option from the menu, the corresponding floor plan for that option becomes visible in the floor plans window, and circular highlight animation with briefly display over the coordinates of that option.

*Options Conflicts and Dependencies
On many of the models, there may be one or a series of conflicts that you will encounter while selecting options. These are two or more options that cannot be selected at the same time because they occupy the same space on the floor plan and therefore conflict architecturally. Alternatively, a dependent option requires that another, currently unselected option be 'turned-on'.

Option conflicts and dependencies are indicated by faded-out text on the button. If you select an option that conflicts with another, a pop-up window with a message explaining the conflict will appear along with the option to override the conflict. (see Figure Below).

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Scrolling - Chapter 4

Click and drag anywhere inside the floor plan window to position the floor plan however you like.

Zooming - Chapter 5

The most obvious way to zoom is to use the "Zoom In" and "Zoom Out" buttons in the Tool Bar.

Zoom In and Zoom Out
"Zoom in" enlarges the floor plan, and "Zoom Out" diminishes the floor plan size. If you click on either of these buttons repeatedly you will eventually reach either the minimum or maximum scale level and a dialogue box will appear alerting you that the limit has been reached.

Fit (to Screen)
The "Fit" button will give you the best possible view of the entire floor plan at any stage of the design process. Use it to view the overall design of the home after zooming in on a specific area.

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Photos - Chapter 6

Photos for Design Your Own Home are accessed through the "Photos" button in The Tool Bar. When you first open the photos menu all the photo buttons will be colored blue, indicating that you have not yet chosen a photo to view. To view a photo click on a photo button and the Photo Viewer Box will appear in the floor plans Window.

Fig 13. Clicking on a button in the photo menu brings up the Photo Viewer Box, which will load the photos selected.

The Photo Viewer Box
The Photo Viewer Box has features that may not be obvious at first glance. The least obvious feature is that the window can be dragged anywhere inside the floor plan Window. Simply click anywhere inside the window without releasing, and drag to reposition the window.

Shortcut for cycling through list of photos
The pair of buttons below the photo gives you a shortcut for cycling through all the photos sequentially. When you reach the last photo, the right arrow, or "Next Photo" button will become dimmed and disabled. Also if the first picture at the top of the menu is selected, the left arrow or "Previous Photo" button will be disabled.

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Printing - Chapter 7

Design Your Own Home allows you to print your floor plan at any time. This allows you try different option configurations and record each design on paper. To print the current floor plan, click on the "Print" button on the tool bar at the bottom-right of the Design Your Own Home window.

Saving Options - Chapter 8

In addition to printing out floor plans, you can also save an unlimited number of option combinations for as many models as you wish.

To take advantage of this functionality, you must first register with Toll Brothers by clicking on the "Create an Account" button in the top right corner of the application. If you try to save you design or open a previously saved design, and are not currently logged-in or registered, you will be prompted to do so.

The 'Save' function will remain disabled until you have either logged in or registered as a new user.

Register Dialogue Box
In order to register successfully you must fill out the New User Registration Dialogue Box completely. You will be prompted to enter your Email address as your username. The password must be between 4 and 10 characters and the "Confirm Password" field must match the characters in the "Password" field exactly.

If there are any problems with the inputted information an alert dialogue box will appear informing you of the problem and the field where the problem was found. The cursor will return to that field so you can edit the text. In addition, the server only allows unique user names to be registered. If the name you have chosen is already in use by someone else, a message will appear promptly

Saving Your Options Once you have logged or registered, the "Save" and "Open" button in the Tool Bar becomes available. Click on it and a box appears with three buttons on it: "Save", "Open", and "Cancel". The "Open" button will function only if you have saved options for that particular model.

To save your current option configuration press the "Save" button. The Save Dialogue Box will appear prompting you to name your saved version. At this point you can go back to designing your own home or you can open any of the option combinations that you have saved.

Once you have saved one or more options, you can see your saved designs by clicking on the 'Open' button in the Tool Bar.

You can modify the displayed floor plan in Design Your Own Home to reflect the saved design by clicking on one of the designs and then clicking on the "Open" button. You will be alerted by a message box that this action will remove your currently selected options and replace them with the configuration in the saved design. At this point you have the option of canceling or continuing with the open operation.

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